“Millennials Aren’t Taking Coronavirus Seriously, a Top WHO Official Warns” – Amy Gunia

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“Nearly half of millennials believe there will be a third world war in their lifetime” – Anne Gulland

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“Don’t call millennials like me ‘workshy’: we clock more hours than our parents because we’re afraid of losing our jobs” – Hugh Morris

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“Alastair Campbell: ‘My millennial daughter moved back in for lockdown. Not gonna lie, I was worried’” – Alastair Campbell

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“Emissions: Coronavirus & Climate Change” – ClimateAdam/Dr Adam Levy

“Stopping coronavirus means lowering our impact on the natural world. But being forced to mitigate climate change because of a […]

“Generation Z: ‘We have more to do than drink and take drugs’” – Nosheen Iqbal

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“Defining generations: Where Millennials end and Generation Z begins” – MICHAEL DIMOCK

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“Millennials experience ‘Load Rage’ after just one minute of waiting for downloads” – Adonay Berhe & Shivali Best

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“Who Is The Snowflake Generation And Why Are They Fun To Hate?” – Clotilde De Maricourt

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