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Amy Turnbull lives and works in Colchester. In 2011, she graduated with a BA (hons) in Fine Art from the Colchester School of Art. Following graduation, she received the Cuckoo Farm Studios Graduate Award which included a solo exhibition at The Minories Galleries, Colchester. She has been a recipient of the Firstsite Collectors' Group Bursary and the Essex Network of Artist’s Studios travel bursary. She exhibits in group shows in London and the South East.

In her art practice, Amy Turnbull reproduces the dialogues and interactions that social media allows through affective and analogue processes and materials of drawing, the simplicities of pen and paper. Her work translates one mode into another seemingly disappearing. In contrasting digital and analogue modes, she asks how technology shapes the way we speak to one another.

Her drawings reproduce the warnings and alerts of broken software and network failure and they become documents of disjointed and broken communications, of personal misunderstandings and sometimes revealing slips of the tongue. There is a psychoanalytical element to her work, a concern with the unsaid and the said too much, the silences and gaps in our speech. The always interrupted moments of discourse which preoccupy her allow the possibility of new acts of reading, and the expectation that readers will become the final authors of the work. Her drawings allow us to creatively imagine narratives and carry on unfinished stories. Technology is central in modern society; the younger generation are trained to be digitally focused within both their private and public life. This blurring of lines between social and private and the need for continuous connectivity penetrates our daily lives. Turnbull`s focus on social media and apps epitomizes the disreputable relationship between young people and the media. Her close examination and assessment of these pages act as a form of critique on the contemporary relationship between society and mass media.

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