Conor Rogers is an award-winning Sheffield-based artist and graduate of Sheffield Hallam University. He was shortlisted for the John Ruskin Prize 2017 and exhibited in a group show for the British Council and UKYA in South Korea’s National Assembly. In 2018, he presented work in ‘Malevolent Eldritch Shrieking’ curated by Paul Morrison at Attercliffe TM Sheffield. In October 2019 Conor was named as the 1st Prize winner of the Robert Walters Group UK Young Artist of the Year Award held at the Saatchi Gallery London.

“Burnt out stolen cars, gangs smashing bottles on walls, mums shouting their 5 kids in for dinner, police chasing youths over garden fences, machete wielding drug dealers, kids setting fire to the next door neighbor’s wheelie bin. Although I was not conscious of this at the time, my practice began as a kid living on Sheffield Council estates”

Conor Roger’s photo-realistic depictions from everyday life emerge from an ‘argument’ between the illusionism of the image and the substrate of the paintings. When viewing paintings, the main focus is usually the representation created by the artist on a flat surface. Although Conor’s works have a familiar subject matter- the landscapes he experiences every day- his intention is that they go beyond the illusion of what he sees to become both object and image at the same time. The success of Conor’s work lies not just in the quality of the representation, but at the moment the viewer’s attention strays away from seeing the image and into the concrete reality of all the components of the painting. In combining image and object Conor endeavours to convey the intense reality of life in Britain. On the one hand, his works are hyper-ordinary, but at the same time, extraordinary. The ordinary – the quotidian or even abject – is turned into something precious, even jewel-like, through hours of time and labour.

_I_ve got now_t_, 2016, Acrylic on Pound Note, 13.5x6.5cm