Gabriele Zemaityte was born in 1992 in Lithuania and since 2010 now lives and works in London. She graduated from Vilnius Art School, with a major in Printmaking and Contemporary Sculpture. Gabriele holds a BA in Fine Art from Middlesex University and is currently participating in the MFA Fine Art Programme, at Goldsmiths University of London. Gabriele has participated in different residencies in Vilnius Botanical Gardens, group shows in London such as the Islington Arts Factory, among others.

Gabriele Zemaityte’s practice notably originates in strategies within Conceptual Art tradition. Aspects of both analogue and digital communication and the premise of the successful generation of meaning are mediated in her overall approach. Her most recent works are engaging with imagined alternative narratives and attempting to push existing systems beyond their currently perceived structures.

Throughout her oeuvre, Gabriele Zemaityte investigates into ideas of generational specificities and practices of intersubjectivity beyond the human-to-human relations, while the level of speculation employed differs considerably from one piece to another. ‘How to Forage for Cream Cartridges’ is a part of a larger ongoing project and a long term investigation into common discarded NO2 cartridges. These silver cartridges are used as recreational drugs (quasi-legal highs) and legally distributed under their original purpose. Arguably potent objects themselves, they function as traces of a contemporary gathering. Vast amounts of material are used to manufacture these, while the hype produced is momentary, they are rarely recycled. The video follows the logic of the ‘how-to’ online video genre, it both propagates and criticises practices of proxy DIY ‘emancipation.’ It is set in a reality, which is alternative to our current one where things are to be fetishised, treasured or disregarded; a reality where some kind of value is asserted to these debris-like objects. There, through gleaning-like practices of a post-industrial society, an identified individual(s) are attempting to reclaim agency over their immediate, even if the urban, environment.