“The Problem With Millennials, In One Staggering Statistic” – Martha C. White

  “New data about how much debt today’s students are graduating college with just came out. The results are ugly, […]

“U.K.’s Willingness To Protect Younger Individuals From Age Discrimination Not Likely In U.S.” – Sheila Callaham

  “Should the U.S. follow the U.K.’s example by simplifying discrimination laws under one piece of legislation and removing exclusions […]

“As a young person I’ve come to realise the power of hope in difficult times” – Grace Lagan

“It took the coronavirus pandemic for me to recognise how pessimistic I, and many of my friends, had become.” To […]

“Coronavirus: ‘Unprecedented’ rise in youth homelessness” – Daniel Davies & Caleb Spencer

“There has been an “unprecedented” rise in the number of young people facing homelessness during the coronavirus crisis, a charity […]

“Politicians have already failed young people – now they’re ignoring them in this election too” – Javed Khan

“Unless parties do more to engage the issues they care about, the ‘youthquake’ of 2017 could be reduced to little […]

“Like it or not, ‘Generation Snowflake’ has got a raw deal” – Keir Milburn

“A study shows that young people are being hamstrung by stagnating wages and expensive housing. No wonder they’re leftwing.” To […]

“So much for entitled millennials – it’s billionaires such as Richard Branson who are begging for loans” – Arwa Mahdawi

“Young people are often lambasted for failing to take financial responsibility, so why should Virgin be saved by taxpayers?” To […]

“What is a ‘Millennial’ anyway? Meet the man who coined the phrase” – Samantha Sharf

“When Neil Howe and William Strauss coined the term Millennial in 1991 they weren’t sure it would stick.” To read […]

“Black, Asian and minority ethnic millennials at greater risk of unstable employment, finds study” – Sophie Gallagher

“They are also 10 per cent more likely to be working a second job.” To read more about Sophie Gallagher’s […]

“Millionaire to millennials: stop buying avocado toast if you want to buy a home” – Jennifer Calfas

“Freely spending on avocados — the pricey, popular superfruit beloved by young people — may be one of the reasons why […]