We are really pleased to share with you the testimony of our first guest Dr Keir Milburn, a lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation at the University of Leicester and author of ‘Generation Left’!

Considering his current research on political theory and cultural studies, with the focus on political generations, the MA Curating collective have invited Dr Milburn to reflect on how ‘Millennials’, or ‘Generation Snowflake’ are harshly characterised by the mass media and older generations, as well as comparing how this everyday reality is being used by artists as a muse. Together we will consider a re-definition of this misrepresented generation and consequences that such a reality might have in our professional and personal future.

Keir Milburn has written extensively, including in ‘The Independent’ and ‘The Guardian’, with recent articles such as “Inequality created a political generation gap. Which party will bridge it?” (2019) and “The old flock to Farage and the young are on climate strike. How did age come to define our politics?” (2019) creating a space for dialogue about the serious generational divide that has opened up in the UK. In his latest book “Generation Left” (2019), he reflects the social, economic, and political context that has been shaping the Millennial Generation.

Keir Milburn is a writer and lecturer in Political Economy and Organisation at the School of Business at the University of Leicester. Milburn holds a PhD in Politics, an MA in Cultural Studies, and a BA in Political Studies.