Kim Roman has curated an exclusive and thought-provoking mix which explores music’s role in generational shifts, going live right here at 6pm!

Every generation has their own soundtrack; music that will transport people back to the time of their younger days and act as a gateway into understanding previous generations. Music and art go hand in hand and both often define our understanding of generational movements. Perhaps the current generational sound is yet to be identified although we know that music can help us reflect on and relate to previous generations, their history and their coming of age experience.

Music and art also fuel the nightlife that surround generational shifts and have the ability to create generational nostalgia of the ‘good old times’. With this in mind, artist and DJ Kim Roman embarked on his own research, asking young adults what music they felt defined their current generational experience. Curated and mixed exclusively for For the Love of Avocados, Kim Roman has created a reflective and thought-provoking set that explores music’s role in our coming of age.

Music has the ability to define our generational experiences and influence how these are remembered and received. It changes with the tide of generational movements just as often as culture and politics and often influences collective memory. Kim Roman’s exclusive set asks how music can help us understand and reflect on these movements, and how music defines young people’s experiences, a fact that stretches across generations.