What does it mean to be a feminist in the 21st-century modern British society? Join us and our guest Grace Campbell – a British comedian, filmmaker and activist – to listen to her thoughts on this and other questions!

In the current state of society where people feel distressed about the massive amount of news and information that are lost in mass exposure, it is important to speak openly and unambiguously about political, economic and social subjects. Grace Campbell captivates the attention of viewers by engaging in a direct, honest and humorous speech that pursues the truth and sincerity of thoughts felt by many.

Grace Campbell is a co-founder of The Pink Protest – an organisation and community of young activists who seek to have a voice and make a difference with multiple campaigns; like the #FreePeriod that wants to end the British period poverty. Besides The Pink Protest, she shares the podcast Football, Feminism, and Everything In Between with her father Alistair Campbell. Her comedy-drama entitled Promises, her newly debuted comedy show Why I’m Never Going Into Politics and the all-female comedy night The Disgraceful Club demonstrates Grace’s desire to speak out and connect with people through a more liberal approach.

In this short video, Grace considers different aspects of our society – how we engage with activism, feminism, equalization, struggles of a young person and, among others, how younger generations are adding new depths to the word, concept and action of “activism”.