Scott Young was commissioned to create a digital painting to respond to the exhibition ‘For the Love of Avocados.’ Young produced A Collectors Cabinet 2020 that references Johann Georg Hainz`s (1630-1688) A Collector’s Cabinet 1664 from the Royal Collection Trust. Inspired by the 17th century depictions of cabinets of curiosities, Young transports this historical imagery to represent the 21st  century. This modern curiosity cabinet signifies personal objects that have defined Young`s everyday life during our current lockdown. The assemblage of multiple objects echoes how we interact with images and objects online, a prominent example is the clustered imagery of Instagram. The historical trend of collecting has become a known narrative that has been translated into our visual culture of social media. Young`s commissioned artwork of an open cabinet is subjective, allowing viewers to interpret, recognise and relate to the depicted objects. A Collectors Cabinet 2020 offers a unique insight into life during the pandemic highlighting the importance and increased reliance of everyday items.