The curatorial collective of ‘For the Love of Avocados’ commences this week with a reflection through the works and life of Scott Young. Over the course of five days, the MA Curating group invite each of you to wander through Scott’s testimonies about different subjects directly engaged with his professional life as an artist, the commission work made for our exhibition and his reflections about everyday life and the present generations! Follow us on Art Exchange social media plus here on our website to keep updated!



Scott Young is an American born artist whose life was always marked with references from Europe and, in particular, the United Kingdom. In his own testimony, through the created clips shared with the curatorial collective, Scott reflects on how it is to live, study, and work in an abroad experience, as many international students that chose the UK to further their studies can relate. Originating from the city metropolis like New York, full of multiple references and diverse contexts, the move to London brought natural excitement but, at the same time, a sense of “nostalgia”, as mentioned by himself. Such a feeling can be understood when we watch Scott’s clips, explaining how a simple label on a jacket (‘London Fog’) from his youth carried the artist from a young age through the midst of the Great Britain capital, or through the multiple references that both countries share within societies and the world: cartoons, labels, food, hobbies, among others.

Join us and watch this first in the series of videos made by the artist and get to know thoughts and reflections of him as an artist but as well as a young person living in this present context!